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Online Rules Clinic
Required - all Officials
24 July - 17 August
Online Rules Exam
Required - all Officials
1 August - 15 August
Many ICFOA crews made use of radio communications
while on the field.  Each CREW should discuss whether or
not radios will be used.   Several officials are using the
Midland GXT1000VP4 with AVPH3 Surveillance Headsets.  
These work with the radios that Brett Wallace suggested
Midland LXT500VP3 and
ALL other FRS Two-Way Radios
2017 ICFOA Season is coming!

GHSA Rules Clinic open NOW!
GHSA Rules EXAM opens in
7 days!
Meeting Dates
Officials Meeting
Monday 31 July 2017
6:00 PM - Ted Wright
Newer Members
Monday 31 July 2017
5:00 PM - Ted Wright
Proposed "White Hat" list was presented by the
ICFOA Executive Committee.  The list was as follows:
Primary Referees
James Hogan
Ronnie Hollingshead
William West
Tim Jackson
JL Snider
Mike Stewart
Larry Julian
Malcolm Walker
Terry O'Rear
Mike Menear
Willie White
ICFOA will vote on the recommended referees at our next
scheduled meeting: Monday, 31 Jul 2017