First Year: What to Expect
Approximate Cost:
Membership Dues = $85
Uniform/Equip approx. Total = $150-$160
Includes: Black Pants w/ white piping,  2" striped shirt with
collar, Black Hat w/ piping, Yellow Penalty Flag, Down Indicator,
Bean Bag, Fox 40 whistle, and All black shoes or black with white
shoes (crews dictate, but bring both).
Officials with 5 years or less experience should attend Newer
Members Training meetings each Monday. It is crucial to your
success as an ICFOA official that you study the NFHS Rules Book,
Case Book, and present-year GHSA Official Manual (mechanics).
Assignments are made via the Arbiter. ICFOA officials must have
internet access in order to receive assignments. Any outdates
should be input into the Arbiter as soon as possible.  Must have
current Background check to be assigned any HS game
ICFOA officials are expected to maintain at least 75% meeting
attendance.  Professionalism is expected at ALL levels of play.
Officials are generally paid approximately every two weeks. Each
official will receive an individual IRS Form 1099 for tax purposes..
Officials Insurance Coverage
International City Football Officials Association (ICFOA)
Become a Referee!
ICFOA is always looking for persons
interested in Officiating Football.
Send contact information to
GHSA MANDATORY Background Check Form
Click HERE to view the form.
Please print the form, fill out the form with your info,
and submit the form to James Hogan.
Meeting Dates
Officials Meeting
TBD Zoom Meeting
6:00 PM - Ted Wright
Newer Members
Monday, TBD
5:00 PM - Ted Wright
Make-up Meeting
6:00 pm - Ted Wright
Online Rules Clinic
Required - all Officials
1 August - 1 September
Online Rules Exam
Required - all Officials
17 August - 1 September
7-man Mechanics Test
Required for all
Playoff Officials